Sedation Dentistry is held in the highest regard here at Dental Bliss because we were founded by two people who suffered traumatic dental experiences in their youth. This is why our team utilize sedation dentistry not only to relieve discomfort during procedures, but also to relieve stress, nerves, and phobias about going to the dentist. It is our belief that you shouldn’t avoid getting the smile you want, or restoring confidence in your smile just because traditional dentistry has left a bad taste in your mouth. For Dentistry Re-Imagined, explore this information below.

Types of Sedation:

Light Sedation
Patient’s anxieties are relieved, but they are conscious and able to verbally and physically respond throughout the procedure.

Moderate Sedation
Patients are often still conscious and able to respond to stimulus, but are often amnestic and do not remember much, if any, of their treatment.

Sit Back and Relax with Deep Sedation at Dental Bliss!

Dr. Matt Yezerski

Nashville Office-Based Anesthesia

Patients are comfortably relaxed, unconscious, and without movement throughout the entire dental procedure. Dr. Yezerski is the only dentist/anesthesiologist in Tennessee doing this on a mobile basis. He visits the Dental Bliss office on an as needed, scheduled basis. To enjoy the best Sedation Dentistry has to offer, please schedule your reservation today.


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