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We’re excited to offer our Dental Bliss guests the latest in screening technologies. These new technologies allow us to check your hematocrit, your blood lipid levels, glucose and c-reactive protein {CRP} These allow to find out in a matter of minutes if you may be suffering from cardiovascular disease, anemia, diabetes and other infectious or inflammatory diseases. We also have the capability to screen for the specific germs which cause gum disease and halitosis (bad breath).

Dental Bliss also offers tests which measure such things as stress hormones, mineral levels, sex hormones, sleep hormones, antioxidants and toxic substances in the blood. This knowledge can be a great help in the quest for the optimal level of wellness.

Halitosis (Chronic Bad Breath)

Bad breath can be directly traced to health issues such as diabetes, scurvy, and even kidney failure. Something as simple as a sinus infection can cause bad breath. Dry mouth is also extremely common in conjunction with halitosis and can be found in heavy drinkers, smokers, and those with eating disorders or subject to malnutrition. Chronic bad breath is a nuisance some deal with throughout their entire day-to-day routines. Our Oral Wellness Testing Options will help you accurately pinpoint what activities are causing your Halitosis and send us on the right path to remedying the problem. (Hint: bad breath isn’t not always caused by the food you eat)

Cardiovascular Disease

Also called Heart Disease, occurs because of the narrowing and thickening of the arteries due to the deposition of fatty material, cholesterol and other substances in the walls of blood vessels. These deposits of fatty material are called plaques. The buildup of plaque thickens and stiffens artery walls, making it harder for blood to flow through your arteries, organs, and tissues. Atherosclerosis is the most common cause of cardiovascular disease, and can be caused by problems such as an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, being overweight and smoking. When these buildups rupture, it can cause a stroke and even heart attacks. Due to our improved wellness testing abilities, our dentists can run blood tests to see if you suffer from cardiovascular disease and send you on the right track to prevention.


Anemia is a result of your bodies’ inability to produce enough red blood cell. Common causes of anemia include iron and vitamin deficiencies as a result of insufficient diets or hereditary disease. You’re oral health suffers from this as well, which is why we urge our patients to undergo our wellness testing in order to stay ahead of their conditions and maintain good oral and overall health.

Gum Disease

Commonly referred as gingivitis, gum disease is much more dependent on your oral health than previously listed diseases. However, the affect of gum disease on your body in grossly underestimated and can cause health problems throughout your body. Gum disease is common, but the severity varies from person to person depending on their oral health. If you have red, or inflamed gums that bleed regularly when brushed or flossed, it is time to see the dentist! If you feel you are suffering from these condition, or simply want the peace of mind of knowing please call or contact us today!

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