How to Treat a Toothache

Toothaches are among the most common dental conditions people suffer from. As such, Dental Bliss has years of experience helping our patients with the following causes of toothaches and more! If you don’t see your symptom here, please contact us about your condition and our dentists will get back to you!

  • Constant Throbbing
  • Pain when Chewing
  • After Routine Dental Work
  • Wisdom Teeth


There are two primary sources of tooth pain: the nerve inside the tooth (contained in the pulp) and the ligament surrounding the tooth. If either is damaged, irritated or inflamed, then constant throbbing may be the result. Damage or infection of the pulp may be caused by a cavity, a blow to the tooth, traumatic biting forces, or something unknown.


If the tooth pulp is irreversibly damaged or has become infected, then root canal therapy and/or antibiotics may be needed to stop the pain.


A cracked tooth or filling, a bad bite that causes inflammation of the ligament surrounding the tooth, or infection or damage to the pulp of the tooth are the most common causes of pain when chewing.


After the specific diagnosis is made by your dentist, a new filling or crown, root canal therapy, or periodontal therapy may solve the problem.


Some discomfort is common after routine dental work, especially after the anesthetic wears off. However, throbbing pain is not normal after routine dental work.


Contact your dentist for advice; he may prescribe stronger medication.

Wisdom Tooth Pain

Wisdom teeth first appear in the mouth in the late teen years. As they come into the mouth, food may collect around the tooth and cause the gums around the tooth to become infected. This is one of the most common dental emergencies.


Visit your dentist immediately. Though the long-term solution may be having your wisdom teeth removed, thorough rinsing of the area and appropriate antibiotics may eliminate your pain for the short term.


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