Stick to Your Gums | Restorative Dentistry Resolutions For 2016

Stick to Your Gums | Restorative Dentistry Resolutions For 2016

Restorative Dentistry

How Restorative Dentistry Can Help You With Your New Year’s Resolutions

At the start of each new year, millions of people set out to make a positive improvement in their lives. Whether it’s going to the gym more often or to quit smoking, taking care of our minds and bodies is vital to good health and happiness. Why don’t more people decide to better their mouth and body connection? This is the year that you gave that special care and attention to your smile as well as your total body wellness.

Each year, less than 50% of people set self-improvement goals, and even fewer keep them. Don’t let yourself fall into this statistic. With restorative dentistry, you can look better, feel more confident, and experience life with a beautiful smile. This is a New Year’s Resolution that we are here to help you keep! Best of all, you can do it painlessly!

A Restorative Dentistry Resolution

Restorative dentistry covers everything from porcelain veneers to crowns, bridges, porcelain fillings and the one visit cosmetic crown in which your crown is prepped and permanently cemented in one visit with CEREC™ technology. Restoration Dentistry is precisely restoring your beautiful and natural smile. Thankfully, sedation dentistry allows for safe, pain-free restorative dental procedures without the dread and anxiety.

Mini Dental Implants

A third of the American population doesn’t even go to the dentist once a year, and millions of these people are missing teeth. If you are someone who is missing teeth and struggling with a prosthetic oral device, such as dentures and partials, this is for you! Dentures are sometimes suggested to replace multiple absent teeth, but ill-fitting dentures are a whole other discomfort. That’s why mini dental implants are such a fantastic restorative dental solution! They have the advantages of implants but are smaller and a less invasive procedure and they look better and are permanent!

Are you uncomfortable in social situations because of your teeth? Mini dental implants can help solve those social stigmas. Don’t let a treatable condition keep you from going out into the world or showing that beautiful smile! Restorative treatments such as mini dental implants can tremendously boost your self-confidence and thus your quality of life.

Dental Fillings – Metal Free / Natural

The purpose of a dental filling is to restore a damaged tooth. If the tooth has decay, the decayed tooth material will be cleaned out and then filled. This fixes the shape of the tooth and its functionality. Fillings maintain as much as your natural tooth structure as possible. In addition we at Dental Bliss provide Metal Free All Natural Fillings. If you have metal or mercury fillings, we can replace with all natural fillings as well as a material amount of patients are wanting those metal and mercury elements out of their body.


Similar to its name, crowns sit on top of badly damaged teeth and come into play when fillings are not a strong enough option to restore the broken, cracked, or decayed teeth. Like fillings, there are multiple kinds of crowns. Some people even get crowns simply for cosmetic reasons such as discolored teeth or to cover an oddly shaped tooth. With CEREC™ technology, certain cosmetic crowns can be cemented in just one visit!

Full Smile Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction focuses on your entire mouth, and what each tooth needs individually. A combination of crowns, fillings, and implants may be necessary to rebuild your smile. The color and state of your teeth, the condition of your gums, and the alignment of your bite are all taken into consideration when planning your reconstruction. While this may seem overwhelming, sedation dentistry is perfect to ease your anxiety and maintain the highest level of comfortability possible.

Sticking To Your Goals

No two smiles are the same, because each smile has a different set of needs. People want to make changes and then see progress, so let Dental Bliss be your solution. 2016 is the year to change your smile, your confidence, your overall total body wellness and your overall quality of life. We are here to help you make this 2016 resolution one that you are glad and proud you kept for a lifetime. Schedule your reservation with us today because we would love to discuss the potential of your dental excellence and ability to have the sensational smile that you desire!