The Dreaded Root Canal

Nerve TreatmentAt Dental Bliss we’ve changed the way our guests feel about the dreaded root canal. Our relaxing environments paired with the latest technological advancements such as lasers and electronic anesthesia allow us to make nerve treatment in root canals a pleasant, nonthreatening experience. Root canals no longer have to be the subject of dental horror stories. Of course if the very thought of root canals causes great anxiety we offer oral sedation to ensure our guests a wonderful experience. Let us change your mind about the “dreaded” root canal.

Why Would You Need A Root Canal

A root canal is needed with the pulp or nerve of a tooth becomes infected or decayed. The procedure itself involves removing both the pulp and/or the nerve from the tooth, cleaning the infection until completely removed, and then filling or replacing the tooth depending on the extent of damage to the tooth. This is a notoriously painful treatment, but the specialists at Dental Bliss have created an environment and procedure that removes the pain and anxiety of traditional root canal treatments.

How to Tell If you Need A Root Canal

In some cases, there are no symptoms at all. Many patients never notice a dead tooth, or any other signs that a root canal is needed. This is why we encourage everyone to stay up-to-date on their 6-month check-ups and at home oral care.

The primary symptoms of a damaged or infected tooth in need of a root canal are:

  • a frequently recurring bump on the gums near the location of your tooth pain
  • tender gums
  • severe discoloration or darkening of the tooth
  • sensitivity to hot or cold foods
  • severe pain when chewing or speaking

More Root Canal Education

If you have a dark tooth, it may be an indication that the nerve of the tooth has become infected and the normal flow of blood in and out of the tooth has stopped. Some extreme toothache cases require root canal treatments as well. After a root canal treatment, there may be some tooth discoloration as a result. Learn how you can remove tooth discoloration as a result of root canal treatment.

In some cases where you have a loose filling or crown, a root canal could be your only option. Learn how to avoid being rushed into surgery because of a loose filling or crown.

In some cases, an infection of the pulp of the tooth can spread into the tissues adjacent to the root tips and erupt into the outer surface of the gums as a red, fluid-filled swelling called a gum boil. This infection must be controlled, and cleaned out via a root canal, and the weakened tooth needs to be repaired with a crown. Don’t mistake this for just another common sore inside your mouth.

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