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Dental Bliss is truly a unique dental practice, unlike any in the world in three distinct ways, a spa-like environment, custom technology offering comfortable pain-free care, and a level of service, attention to detail in caring for Patients/Guest that is unsurpassed in the industry.

Franklin Dentist

Established in Franklin, TN in 2004 and the expansion of the Dental Bliss brand to the current Michael Atchley DDS office in the Hermitage/Old Hickory community, Dental Bliss is simply a better way of helping people with their dental needs…especially for those who have a fear of dental office visits or who have had an unpleasant experience in the past or those who just want the most beautiful smile possible.

Dr. Randal Garner, founder of Dental Bliss, and Dr. Michael Atchley founder of Michael Atchley, DDS, PC merged their practices as Dental Bliss in 2013, share similar early childhood negative experiences at the dentist that subsequently shaped the way they offer dental care today. Both Dr. Atchley and Dr. Garner put their heart into the beautiful smile makeovers they perform every day along with providing excellent general dental care. It has always been Dr. Atchley vision to provide the best smiles at more affordable prices. With this merger, he feels this will be accomplished.

Independently, both doctors built middle Tennessee practices that have been providing their guest with an environment that actually makes dentistry pleasant and enjoyable. Together, the Dental Bliss teams focus on delivery with expanded hours, more services, more caregivers and more value with 5 star guest services. Simply put, the philosophy behind Dental Bliss transforms lives everyday by helping people obtain their perfect smile, removing their fear from dental visits, improving their oral health and giving them newly restored self-confidence. So, who would not like to nap comfortably and have no memory of the procedure afterwards?

The dentist at Dental Bliss, are recognized experts in general and aesthetic dentistry as evidenced by advanced training in aesthetic and restorative dentistry. They have been trained rigorously with top aesthetic and restorative dental instructors from around the world.

First time guests to our Franklin dental office always comment about how ‘unlike a dental office’ the facility is when they walk through the door. When they pull into the parking lot, it is as if they had arrived at a secluded, resort-like location. There are gardens, waterfalls, brooks, swings, decks with views of lush greenery and woods, beautiful flowers and private sitting areas. When they enter the warm, soothing environment of the building, they hear classical piano music in the background and view a reception area complete with fireplace, overstuffed leather chairs, coffee-snack bar and more…. They are greeted warmly and offered refreshments from bottled water to wine, cookies to healthy snacks, cucumber water or freshly squeezed lemonade. Guests can elect to have a hand or full-body massage, or just sit in a leather armchair and relax.

In the dental service area, guests see none of the instruments many associate with pain or being uncomfortable. Natural lighting and open access to the deck offer a reassurance that their visit is going to be comfortable and pain free. If prolonged service is required, special anesthesiology techniques are in place to offer memory free dental care.

Hermitage Dentist

In the Hermitage/Old Hickory location, Dr. Michael Atchley and his team have provided high-end services to patients for 30 years, specializing in aesthetic and restorative dentistry. He has been voted the #1 Dentist in Nashville for the past 8 years with the Toast of Music City.

The facility is filled with luxurious architectural features including marble floors and counters, plush couches and the aroma of lavender and vanilla. His friendly staff are honored to help families resolve their dental needs, which range from general cleaning and cavities, to advanced dental needs, in a gentle, pain-less and expedient manner. While being treated, patients can access noise-cancelling headphones with flat screen TV’s, iPods, and warm, cozy blankets.

The overarching philosophy at all Dental Bliss locations is one that takes the fear, pain and anxiety out of going to the dentist, while providing the latest service options available to give our guests the smile they want, the look they deserve, the confidence they lack that can be returned to them through a new smile, and the underlying oral health they need to maintain optimal health.

Dental Bliss is a remarkable environment and philosophy built for our remarkable guests.


Toast Of Music City
Dr. Atchley was voted #1 DENTIST IN NASHVILLE 8 years in a row.

From the time I arrived at your office until the time I left your staff and especially you provided unparalleled service.

Dental Bliss


151 Rosa Helm Way

Franklin TN, 37067

(615) 794-8810

Dental Bliss


601 Brandywine Court

Old Hickory TN, 37138

(615) 847-1234