Natural Dentistry | Biological Dental Treatments

Natural Dentistry | Biological Dental Treatments

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For Patients Looking For Biological & Natural Dental Treatments

At Dental Bliss, we have recognized an increased number of patients requesting Biological Dentistry treatments. To fill the needs of all of our patients, Dr. Atchley has taken it upon himself to enroll in new educational courses to earn his certifications to practice as a Natural & Biological Dentist in Nashville.

We feel that you should have a say in how your teeth are treated, and the options presented to you should not be harmful to your health. That’s why Dental Bliss is working to become a certified biological dentistry practitioner, so our patients have all the options they need to improve their overall health along with correcting oral health issues.

As society as a whole has become more health conscious, we have seen an upward trend in people seeking out healthier options in all facets of their lives. From alkaline water to totally organic meals, people more than ever are taking precautions in what they’re putting in their bodies. But what options would someone have for healthier, more natural oral health?

What is Biological Dentistry?

With research and modern understanding, biological dentistry, has become rather popular all over the nation.

Traditional dentistry aims to correct diagnosed issues in a persons mouth with little consideration to the affects those treatments have on the rest of a person’s body. A biological dental practice corrects diagnosed issues, and combines natural treatments with an understanding of the patients overall health needs.

A biological dentist must attend additional schooling to learn the least invasive and least toxic procedures for the body. A true biological dentist aims to nurture your mouth and body connection, with the knowledge of how reliant they are upon one another. In doing so, biological dentistry calls for using techniques and materials that will not harm the body.

What is different about Biological treatments?

To start, both traditional and biological dentists attend the same initial schooling and training, but a biological dentist must attend further training in order to be considered certified – something Dr. Atchley is currently enrolled in for his patients.

For a handful of traditional dentists, the treatments and materials used during treatment are either cost effective, or simply easy to use. A true biological dentist will assess what material is best for a patient’s overall health, with a focus on utilizing healthier treatment options. You should have a say in how your teeth are cared for, and the options presented to you should not be harmful to your health.

Amalgam fillings

Amalgam fillings, also known as silver fillings, are 50% mercury mixed with tin, copper, and silver. The mercury enables the filling’s bond to be extremely strong and long lasting. Unfortunately, there is always a risk when putting anything into the body that has any amount of mercury. Today, there are better materials to use for fillings instead of amalgam.


Many biological dentists opt to not treat with fluoride. Studies have shown that fluoride can lead to multiple health risks both in children and adults. Simply put: what goes into your body can and does affect your overall health. That is why the materials used in fillings, crowns, bridges, and toothpaste are all important to a biological dentist.

Why should people choose natural dentistry?

Rather than simply expecting the patient to practice a good oral health routine to prevent oral issues, biological dentists practice preventative medicine for the entire health of the body. Essentially, biological dentistry believes that your oral health is interrelated with your overall health.

Nashville Biological Dentistry Re-Imagined

Did you know that Dental Bliss will soon be providing biological dentistry services? Yes, we are soon to be certified in natural and biological dentistry! Interested in our services or chatting about natural alternatives for your dental health? Request your reservation with us today.