Sculpting Your Mouth-Body Connection

Mouth-Body Connection

You’ve probably heard of the mind-body connection, but probably not the mouth-body connection. Many people still believe a visit to the dentist is just about their teeth. But an extraordinary amount of research the last few years proves this is just not the case anymore. What goes on in the rest of your body directly affects your mouth and what goes on in your mouth directly affects your body, many times very seriously. Many ancient traditions, such as Chinese medicine, considered the mouth and tongue a mirror of overall health. Modern science has proven this to be very true. Many systemic diseases and conditions affect your oral health. Many times the oral signs and symptoms can alert us to your systemic problems. Dental Bliss can be instrumental in diagnosing many systemic problems and refer you to the proper physician for treatment.

A Window into Your Overall Health

It is extremely scary what we’ve found out in the last few years about the connection between infections and diseases in the mouth as they relate to systemic health problems. Problems in your mouth have been connected to an increased risk of such serious health problems as heart disease, strokes, diabetes, respiratory problems, kidney disease and osteoporosis. Oral problems in pregnant women can cause very serious conditions such as premature, low birth weight babies and toxemia which is extremely dangerous for mom and the unborn child. Here at Dental Bliss, we offer routine screenings to detect problems in your mouth-body connection. Our wellness center is capable of screening you for many of the problems discussed above.

We’ve known for a long time that the lack of good dental care can lead to terrible consequences for your mouth but we know now it can lead to terrible consequences to your overall well being and health.

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