Crooked Teeth

You have several treatment choices if you’d like to correct crowded or misaligned teeth. These choices include:


Recontouring is used in cases of mildly crooked teeth and involves reshaping and contouring your teeth with the dental hand-piece.


Braces are often the ideal way to straighten teeth, especially in severe crowding cases. However, you must be willing to wear braces for about two to three years. Orthodontia (braces) is now a very common procedure for adults; in fact, 40 percent of orthodontic treatments are for adults. And braces are now available with small, clear brackets that are bonded directly to the front of the teeth. These eliminate that “metal mouth” look commonly associated with having braces.


Bonding is a procedure for applying a plastic material (resin) to existing tooth structure. The term bonding generally refers to a single-appointment procedure where resin is applied to front teeth to change their cosmetic appearance. Bonding is an effective aesthetic technique, and the result generally lasts about as long as veneers. But since it is technically more difficult, it is less commonly offered by dentists.


Crowns (also called caps) cover the entire portion of the tooth above the gum line and are most appropriate when teeth have been significantly damaged or altered, as they are with fillings, broken teeth, or large cavities.


Veneers are thin shells of porcelain that are most commonly bonded to the fronts and tops of the teeth. Applying veneers is one of the most effective and common methods for creating cosmetic changes.


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