Chronic Bad Breath | Is Halitosis Disrupting Your Day?

Chronic Bad Breath | Is Halitosis Disrupting Your Day?

Chronic Bad Breath

How Can You Tell If You Have Halitosis?

An astonishing 95% of people suffer from bad breath at some point in their lives, while a whopping 25-30% currently suffer from chronic bad breath, also known as halitosis. Similar to eliminating many other dental and bodily issues, good oral hygiene is first and foremost in bad breath prevention. A healthy mouth and body connection can help you to steer clear from emanating a foul oral odor. Unfortunately, food finds its way between teeth and collects bacteria, which then can cause decay and that unwanted stench. In effect, it is actually often the tongue that houses a coating and can to halitosis. Oral wellness testing allows us to help you properly monitor this mouth and body connection.

Symptoms and Side Effects of Chronic Bad Breath

At Dental Bliss, we ask you to consider oral wellness testing. Your mouth and body connection can further be smelled in the characteristics of your halitosis, and oral wellness testing allows us to find whichever issues may be knocking at your door.

Certain odors can be directly traced to health issues such as diabetes, scurvy, and even kidney failure. Something as simple as a sinus infection can cause bad breath. Also, dry mouth is extremely common in conjunction with halitosis and can be found in heavy drinkers, smokers, and those with eating disorders or subject to malnutrition. In extreme cases, a dark or hairy tongue, known as lingua villosa nigra, may not be harmful yet is a tongue irritation not uncommon to bad breath.

Don’t Eat It: Foods That Aid in Bad Breath

Brushing multiple times daily, flossing, and going to the dentist twice yearly may in fact be part of your routine, but have you had an oral wellness test yet?

If not, halitosis also stems from nutritional deficiency which can be determined through our expert wellness testing at Dental Bliss. Essentially, for those with a great oral regiment, halitosis may be directly connected to your daily diet. While good for the body, certain obvious foods such as garlic and onions can heavily contribute to bad breath. In addition, sugary, and sticky foods are both poor choices when tackling bad breath prevention. Many say, “eat everything in moderation.”

Home Remedies: The Natural Way to Eliminate Bad Breath

The obvious good oral hygiene applies, but it wouldn’t hurt to invest in a tongue scraper. At the top of the list would also be to drink more water because is washes away bacteria, keeps the body hydrated, and stimulates saliva production. On the other hand, drink less alcohol and sodas, and focus on eating more raw foods. This allows your body to cleanse itself of toxins that contribute to foul breath and stomach or bowel issues. Incorporating fibrous vegetables and fruits, along with probiotics, into your diet greatly eliminates the excess gas in the body.

Good Bye Bad Breath. Hello Dental Bliss.

Unfortunate amounts of people with bad breath are unaware of their flagrant odor. Masking halitosis with breath mints or mouthwash is neither a long-term fix nor truly effective. If you are living with chronic bad breath for whatever reason, schedule your reservation today with our educated specialists at Dental Bliss. Let us help you to make your mouth and body connection a priority in your life. Moreover, consider coming in for oral wellness testing to check for cardiovascular disease, anemia, and gum disease.

Dental Bliss is here to guide you in your oral health journey! Please feel free to contact us with any questions, or just to schedule a Wellness Test today!